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Apek Group The Revamped My-Teams SPFx webpart

The Revamped My-Teams SPFx webpart

Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage (including collaboration on files), and application integration. With a current usage of over 75 million daily active users and about 200 million meeting participants in a single day, one would agree that it is currently one of the most used applications by organizations in recent times.


Apek Group Picture-1-1-300x243 The Revamped My-Teams SPFx webpart


The rise in usage can be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, which started a few months ago and has forced most companies to make employees work remotely. However, there’s a need for collaboration and constant communication, and this is where Microsoft Teams comes in.

The inspiration for this web part came from an existing one (my-teams) on GitHub by Joel Rodrigues, which can be found here


  1. List of teams the current user is a member of on a SharePoint Site.
  2. Open the General channel of a Team by clicking on the name.
  3. Configure the Team to open in a web browser or client app.

We saw this and thought it’s a fantastic web part to have on your SharePoint site as it gives you a quick overview of your Teams you belong to and allows you to navigate from a SharePoint Site to a Teams Channel quickly. Hence, we decided to do a revamp and add more interesting features to make it much more user friendly and easier to use.


The New Look Of The Revamped My-Teams Web Part

Additional features of the revamped my-teams web part

1. Beautiful New Look

The look and feel of the web part was totally redesigned to make it more appealing to the end-users

Apek Group Picture-1-207x300 The Revamped My-Teams SPFx webpart

2. Search  

With the revamped version, you can now do a quick search of your teams by typing a part of the name in the search box. This comes in handy when you belong to several teams, as it helps reduce the amount of time you spend on looking for a particular one.

Apek Group Picture-n1-219x300 The Revamped My-Teams SPFx webpart

3. Sorting

You can also sort your teams in Ascending or Descending order of their name or the date the teams were created from oldest – newest or vice versa.

Apek Group Pictnure-1-237x300 The Revamped My-Teams SPFx webpart

4. Pagination

The new web part comes with pagination, which helps avoid a very long list of Teams for someone who belongs to several. You can as well change the number of teams that should be displayed per page from 5, 10, 15, etc.

Apek Group Picturme-1-222x300 The Revamped My-Teams SPFx webpart

5. Channel listing

While the original version lists just the teams, the revamped version also lists the channels under each Team. This can help you navigate directly to a particular channel rather than just the General.

Apek Group Pbicture-1-194x300 The Revamped My-Teams SPFx webpart

6. Teams Visibility

You can see the visibility of each Team, either it’s Public or Private, directly from the web part.

Apek Group Picturnne-1-224x300 The Revamped My-Teams SPFx webpart

Channel Visibility

Just like the Teams visibility, you can also see if a channel is public or private.

Apek Group Pictunre-1-205x300 The Revamped My-Teams SPFx webpart

You can check out the new webpart here and a short video of how it works here


Tunde Akande

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