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The Revamped Discuss Now SPFx Extension

The revamped Discuss Now Extension is a SharePoint Framework Extension that allows you to quickly discuss a Document in a SharePoint Document Library or a List item in a SharePoint List with colleagues on Microsoft Teams.


This was inspired by an open-source extension developed by Paolo Pialorsi which can be found here

The extension was developed to make employees create a new meeting to discuss about a document selected in the current list view of a document library. Users can create a meeting with a subject and meeting time.

Revamped Discuss Now

The revamped version has a refreshing new look that integrates SharePoint modern experience with Microsoft Teams to enable users to discuss about a document with other employees quickly.

This can be found here

  1. Ability to add a custom dialog to start a discussion on a specific document within a document library with colleagues on Microsoft Teams.

2. Selecting the list of other employees you want to discuss about the document with.

3. Appending additional comments to be combined with the URL to the file in the chat message on teams

4. Automatic redirection to Microsoft Teams from SharePoint with link to document and additional comments captured

Let us know what you think about this revamped extension. You can also check out our previous post on the revamped My Teams webpart here


Tunde Akande

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