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COVID-19 And Its Impact On Projects – Start, Stop, or Refocus?

COVID-19 is probably the most overheard term of 2020. Across all parts of life, COVID-19 has forced the rethinking of living, working, and playing. For many businesses, governments, and organizations, COVID-19 has been the most significant operational and financial resilience test in modern history. As the tide begins to turn, and we move to a […]

Business Project Delivery

Project Planning Pitfalls To Be Aware Of

A project manager’s ultimate goal is to ensure project success, and to achieve this; they spend valuable time in the planning phase of the project. Most understand that the significance of planning for a project is that it sets up the team for success.

With this said, it is still surprising how often projects are planned improperly and ultimately lead to pitfalls during the execution stages…

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Digital Transformation: Approach with Consideration

In 2020 It’s highly likely that you have either come across a client, partner, supplier, or industry player who is doing a Digital Transformation.

It was a buzzword in 2019 as organizations realized the need to advance their business capabilities, and to facilitate that digital tools and processes enabled by technology would have to be the way forward…

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