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Apek Group nnnnnn-Recovered-3 The Year 2020 Review: Apek Year in Retrospect

The Year 2020 Review: Apek Year in Retrospect

It is no news that 2020 has been a game-changing year for everyone, and businesses suffered the most. With the year 2020 in review, we saw the coronavirus global impact and the lockdown measures to fight its spread. In response, many businesses have embraced the accelerating trend of holding virtual meetings. According to Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, “Microsoft has seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in just two months of its third-quarter in year 2020.” Millions of remote meetings have provided Microsoft plenty of data, and review to uncover the good and the bad aspects of remote work.
So, During the pandemic, we took action and prepared for the worst. In retrospect, we are looking back at a year in which we have hired new employees, developed new products and continued our important work with continuous improvements. Hence, We are staying ahead of the challenges and creating digital solutions that meet our customers’ evolving needs.

Highlights of The Year


The digital workplace is transforming how employees collaborate. Consequently, achieving a workplace transformation is a strategic move for a company. At Apek, we empower companies and help them build digital workplace to enhance and promote valuable business outcomes. Here are some of the major highlights we’ve had so far.

Book a meeting Bot

Having a good relationship with our customers is of high importance, which generally means many meetings. We have had to adapt to new ways of meeting throughout the year. Like many other companies, this year has meant that we have had to speed up our internal digitization, which has worked very well. We developed a book a meeting BOT using Power Virtual Agent, Power Automate, and SharePoint Online. 

Webinar Series 

Explore Successful and Engaging Intranet Strategies With MS Teams and O365. This is a 4 Part Series and LIVE webinar with various Experts and Certified M365, MS Teams, and Sharepoint Speakers. Watch the 4 part series. 

Check it out. 

We are creating a Self Service Procurement App with Power Apps, Power Automate, and SharePoint Online. Check it out on

Github Code Flipping Initiative: my-teams 

We also launched our Github Code flipping initiative with the first SPFx webpart called my-teams. The flipped SPFx webpart gives a refreshing new look at how Teams can be integrated into SharePoint modern experience. It boasts of improved features like Search for teams, Sorting teams, Pagination, List of Channels, Teams visibility identification (public or private) and Channel visibility identification, etc., for ease of access to your Teams. 

Github Code Flipping Initiative: The Discuss-Now SPFX Extension 

We also launch a second SPFx called “Discuss Now” from our Github SPFx code flipping series. This SPFx extension was inspired by Github contributor Paolo Pialorsi react-command-discuss-now, which creates a new meeting to discuss a document selected in the current list view of a document library. Our flipped SPFx Extension gives a refreshing new look at how Teams can be integrated into SharePoint modern experience.  

It boasts of improved functionalities and features like the ability to add a custom dialog to start a discussion on a specific item within a document or list library with colleagues on Microsoft Teams. The ability to select users who should be part of the chat and automatically pick the chat message and the link to the item. Check out this video on the new and improved Discuss now SPFx Extension. 

Strategic Partnerships 

The Year 2020 Review also show how Apek has grown, establishing strategic technology partnership with companies like PWC Nigeria, Valo, and Powell Software. All of these to ensure that we continuously offer the best solutions available.

Maintaining the Team Spirit through to 2021

From assessment, planning, and design to remediation and on-going support, APEK’s expert team of Microsoft certified consultants and technical professionals would continue to provide you with white-glove services to modernize your organization with Microsoft 365 solutions, utilizing their robust update channels.

Even though all of our staff worked remotely, we managed to maintain our work with continuous improvement and constant improvement. We have managed to keep the team spirit within the company.


Gbemi Jones Bakodie