Case Study: Fixr.Ng – Escrow Service For Artisans

Overview is an online platform that aggregates artisans in Nigeria. Users can sign-up and get access to artisans close to their locations. The platform also serves as an escrow service that ensures artisans are not paid till users confirm services rendered are 100% satisfactory. 

Problem statement 

Getting competent artisans can be a headache. It’s also challenging to know how credible an artisan is. A lot of Nigerians are only able to get quality services via referrals as there is no properly structured platform to access this service.

They also do not want to pay in advance for services rendered as they would prefer to ensure services are 100% satisfactory before making payment for them. 

Scope of work 

We will be building a platform focused on enabling users to access artisans seamlessly for services that interest them. We will be asking potential customers how they currently access this service, challenges they face while trying to obtain them, and how they would feel about an online platform to access these services.

The process we would go through is highlighted below:

User / Audience 

The audience is majorly homeowners and tenants. This audience encompasses majorly literates who would rather stay home and have artisans come to them. They are usually the working class and are mainly from the ages of 24 and above.  


Survey questions were created and shared on several Facebook groups, twitter, and also Instagram, where the potential customers of would visit or follow some Influencers that have been paid to help promote it. A total of 1446 responses was received.

Significant findings are as stated below:

  • Most users see a need for the service, 20% said they’d rather stick to their offline method of getting artisans
  • A lot of people complained about price haggling as it wasn’t something they liked doing face to face. 
  • The escrow service was an excellent feature for most of them. 
  • Users were a bit skeptical about leaving their bank details or adding tokens to their cards.
  • The website must be highly mobile-friendly. 
  • The product owner was worried about users who may want to cheat the system by stating they are unsatisfied with a service delivery even if the service was of good quality.

Flow ChaRt




#377967 as the primary color, this is a shade of Green.
We are using this because Green is highly associated with safety, which defines the whole service will offer. #ffffff and #000000 as the secondary color.

Final prototype



Ayilara Olatunde