Case Study: CREDMENTS – Bank Statements In One Place



Credments allows users with numerous bank accounts have all their bank statements in one place. Credments for businesses allows companies licensed by the country’s financial regulatory body pull financial data for the purpose of ascertaining credit scores for their potential customers.

As an individual with multiple bank accounts, it’s actually really difficult to keep up with different bank account balances, being able to see all balances in one place at a glance is inexistent in Nigeria at this time.

Problem statement 

Credments seeks to address that problem. As a business, pulling data on customer’s credit worthiness is a big challenge as this data is not readily available. Credments is built to solve this problem

Scope of work 

Credments is a product of an existing Fintech company which I am unable to disclose due to legal constraints. The parent company will be deploying the solution to its already existing customer base. We will be analyzing the the kind of users, develop their persona and their stories. Our approach will be more of a qualitative analysis.

User / Audience 

Working class individuals mainly of ages 18 and above, tech savvy with more than one bank account.

Businesses licensed by the CBN to give out credit facilities to it’s customers.


Survey questions were created for the Parent company’s existing customers.

  • Most users see a need for the service, 15% said they’d rather stick to getting statements directly from each bank
  • Some users complained about the formatting of statements from different banks, some export only as PDF, some export as XLS, it is therefore difficult for them to reconcile figures
  • Companies are mainly concerned about the accuracy of data we set out to generate for them

Flow ChaRt



#560BF6 as the primary color, this is a shade of Blue.

Final prototype



Ayilara Olatunde