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Apek Group Screen-Shot-2020-02-19-at-7.59.47-AM-1024x613-1 5 Figma Plugins You Should Have

5 Figma Plugins You Should Have

In the world of UI/UX today, Figma is one of the best software you can find. It is being used by a lot of people nowadays due to the fact that it fosters collaborations with developers. The application is web-based and also has local versions. It has a lot of features but also worthy to note that it’s not an ‘island’.

Apek Group Screen-Shot-2018-11-19-at-8.43.27-PM-1-1-300x155 5 Figma Plugins You Should Have

There are several plugins that can make your work easier. I took the time to talk about my top 10 must-have right now.

Autoflow: This plugin comes in really handy when you are making flow charts. simply run it from the plugins menu in your Figma and select objects you would like to link together by clicking on them while the plugin is open and the objects will be automatically linked together, cool uh?

Apek Group Screen-Shot-2020-02-19-at-7.59.47-AM-1024x613 5 Figma Plugins You Should Have

Avatars: This generates random faces. Simply draw a circle, then run the plugin and a face will automatically appear within the circle. This saves you a lot of time from downloading and searching for stock pictures. It once generated Jason Statham’s face for me, no jokes. It is useful if you are building an app that requires a user profile (which I believe most apps have because apps are built for humans? except you are reading this post from Mars)

Apek Group Screen-Shot-2020-02-19-at-8.04.25-AM-1024x586 5 Figma Plugins You Should Have If you are a photoshop rookie like me, then you’d find this useful. This plugin helps remove backgrounds from images automatically. It, however, comes at a cost depending on your requirements. You can view their pricing at

Isometric: This helps add isometric layers to your images automatically. There’s nothing much to explain here but see image below:

Apek Group Screen-Shot-2020-02-19-at-8.06.55-AM-300x257 5 Figma Plugins You Should Have

Content Reel: This plugin is insane! It’s my favorite of them all. You do not have to think about names or emails or avatars to use for a post. Simply select a layer you’d like to insert something, run the plugin and select the command you’d like it to run. e.g if I need to generate a USA Address, I can simply create a text layer, run the plugin and select ‘USA address’ from the list of the commands. That’s magic! You’ll never need the Avatar plugin again after installing this. The pictures it generates are generally clearer and more beautiful.

Apek Group Screen-Shot-2020-02-19-at-8.08.40-AM-154x300 5 Figma Plugins You Should Have


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