Apek Group Image-1-1-1 Making Your UX Designs Come Alive

Making Your UX Designs Come Alive

There is a lot of emphasis on great work, especially when it comes to UX design. Great design is achieved by intentionally engaging specific concepts of branding, guided by certain design rules that ultimately enhance your efforts as a UX designer.

Here are a few guidelines to help your UX designs look great and appealing always. To clients, potential clients, and generally, your online audience, i.e., if you are working on building a significant online presence or an outstanding portfolio as a UX designer or you hope someday to offer a UX design course.

Do not use ‘Lorem Ipsum’: This is arguably the most used placeholder on websites and apps. It’s ‘boring’ nowadays. It will be great to generate actual content for your designs. If, for some reason, you do not have content provided by the app/website owner, you can also create some content. A designer should know how to write some essential texts. It will be great to learn a little about ‘UX Writing’ while building your career in UI/UX. There are thousands of courses you can enroll for available on the web to teach you how to combine excellent text with amazing UX and UI designs.

Apek Group Image-1-1 Making Your UX Designs Come Alive

Use different Avatars: Do not use the same image as an avatar placeholder all through your designs. Repeated images can make your whole design generally dull. You can use different pictures, as this will add some colors and make your designs look more appealing. You can also use a plugin called “avatar” or “content reel.” It is worthy to note that these two have been mentioned in previous articles.

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Different Instances: You may consider using accent colors for different instances of a button, for example, maybe a toggle between Active and Un-active subscribers to a service. This effort also adds some touch of color to your designs

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Status Bar: If prototyping for mobile, for example, it may be useful to add a status bar showing network service provided and battery status to prototypes sent to the owner. These added design features make it look more realistic, and they would generally get a feel of what the final application would look like.

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Use Gifs:  If you are a budding animator like me and not experienced with software like “Adobe After Effects,” it might be of great help to add some “gifs” to your designs. You can get some on giphy.com and also some animated icons from icons8.com.

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Ayilara Olatunde