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Apek Group Picture1-7 Agile: Making It Possible With Remote Teams

Agile: Making It Possible With Remote Teams

Think ‘Agile’ and the associated words that instantly come to mind will most likely include ‘software development’ ‘project delivery’ ‘Scrum’ ‘Kanban’ ’flexible’. The underpinning Agile principles which allow digital teams to quickly and successfully deliver client value in the form of tangible outputs such as a software product, are well established. These principles tend to […]

Apek Group Health-Care A perfect enhanced knowledge

A perfect enhanced knowledge

APEK GROUP is a consulting, technology and managed services provider with over 20 years of experience in multiple business sectors. We offer a wide selection of integrated services to help organizations maximize their performance and allow them to achieve their strategic objectives. Our strong sector expertise and technology understanding makes us an ideal partner for […]