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Apek Group 639-1500x750-1 Designing Buttons

Designing Buttons

Buttons are an essential part of a UI design. You have to pay a lot of attention to their color, placement, text visibility, and the importance of the buttons.

When designing a button, the core aim of building the application has to be the focus, especially if the button ought to help drive sales, the call to action for sign-ups, or navigation between pages…

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Apek Group 2397-1500x1000-1-1 Digital Transformation: Approach with Consideration

Digital Transformation: Approach with Consideration

In 2020 It’s highly likely that you have either come across a client, partner, supplier, or industry player who is doing a Digital Transformation.

It was a buzzword in 2019 as organizations realized the need to advance their business capabilities, and to facilitate that digital tools and processes enabled by technology would have to be the way forward…

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Apek Group Improved-Productivity A Brief Introduction To Power Automate

A Brief Introduction To Power Automate

Power Automate (formerly called Microsoft Flow) is a tool developed by Microsoft to help individuals and organizations automate repetitive tasks or business processes. It is used in the creation of workflows and can connect to about 300 data sources and API to perform these automation processes. The exciting part of this is the flexibility it gives end-users to develop this automation processes without having any prior development/coding skills…